Introducing the Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Is it possible visit of with the children?

You are welcome. Bringing of the stroller is also OK.


Q. Is there a parking lot?

There is no parking lot, but Princess Garden Hotel parking is recommended When was the small car.
When is a large car, the LOFT underground Meitetsukyosho Nadia Park and LOFT on the east side of yamasan parking is recommended.


Q. What is the treatment time?

About 1 hour cut in lump shampoo blow.
Color is about an hour and a half. Cut perm will take about two and a half hours. Because there may be around due to hair texture, detail is would be greatly appreciated when contact us.


Q. credit card be used?



Q. Do you your fix is ​​available and how long?

If when different is any chance hairstyle image, please contact us within one week. And indeed we are sorry, but we ask you to visit us within two weeks.


Q. Is it safe to go without a day of reservation?

Customers basically you nominate Iwata is, we have shampoo from counseling in one-to-one one-on-one style of customers and Iwata, cut, color, all to perm Iwata is I am allowed to treatment with responsibility.

So, if you do not imperative reservation, there are times when it can not be carried out treatment in such a one-on-one. By reservation status at that time, there is a possibility impossible, it will be saved and you will be able to check in once your phone. If the vacant also in relation to the waiting time, but just to be able to 施述, and so thank you note that I will enter the 施述 with priority from customers who have received a pre-reservation.

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